About Us

Our Story

This is a story of six engineers who were stuck during the time of pandemic in Brampton, Ontario. We worked our regular 9–5 jobs but wanted to try something else in life. All of us shared a vision to put our hands in the business world but didn’t had any idea what to do. Each of us had a special skill set or a hobby which we wanted to turn into profession. In May 2021, we thought that why not create a platform in which we can provide all of that services under the same hood. Hence the name, The Tech Hood. Everybody was on board with that idea. Phone and car accessories, tinting, vinyl/decals Photography, software services under the same hood. It was a risk which we had to take.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with premium quality services in one place. They shouldn’t have to roam else where for their needs. Giving them large selection of our collection. Having excellent customer service for our clients is our top priority.